About Us

Mr. A B Nar

Founder and Managing Director of the company has been instrumental in developing the organization to cope up with the advanced and competitive nature of business. His experience and expertise in various types of business environment starts from the year 1989 and is backed by other professional persons in the organization who take care of various aspects of the business.

Nathleela™ Bulk Carriers Pvt. Ltd. is managed by an experienced team of executives who work closely to ensure that client needs are met with utmost priority.

The team includes:

Capt. Sunil A Nar

Director of the company is a seasoned executive with over 20 years of experience, he is especially skilled to meet business needs with a deep understanding of customer service and service level requirements and is in charge of overall operations.

Mr. Mahendra K Salunkhe

General Manager of the Company has over 10 years of progressive experience in this field. He has been responsible in increasing the efficiency of the existing business while simultaneously providing a dynamic environment capable of quickly adapting to future requirements.